Robco constantly develops and tests new types of frac balls in various materials and combinations strong enough to allow a tight, successful multi-stage fracturing process. Our material knowledge, fluid sealing expertise and manufacturing capabilities have made Robco frac balls crucial components of many hydraulic fracturing operations.


Frac Balls Robco Frac Balls have proven themselves to be critical components of cutting-edge downhole tooling used in hydraulic fracturing operations. Precision machining, rigid quality control procedures and careful material selection contribute to improving the chances of a successful, reliable well stimulation process.


 - Sizes ranging from 3/4" to 4-1/2" in 1/8" diameter increments

 - Very tight tolerances on roundness and dimensional specifications

 - Standard materials available:
   30% Glass-filled Nylon, G-10/FR4 Rolled & Molded and G-10/FR4 Glass-Laminated Epoxy

 - Specialty materials available upon request


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