Robco's Mechanical Seal Division manufactures, distributes and customizes mechanical seals, as well as being a repair facility for virtually any mechanical seal brand, utilizing the latest technology and state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment. Robco’s seal designs are customer driven to provide the best possible solutions to sealing problems.

Robco will repair: Borg-Warner, Chesterton, John Crane, Durametallic, EG&G, Flex-A-seal, Flexibox, Flowserve, Garlock, Pac-Seal, U.S. Seal, and virtually any other brand.

Mechanical seals are used everywhere liquids and gases are transferred through rotating equipment. Robco’s seals and packing are the first step to efficiently control leakage and reduce operation costs.


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Drytek seal
The ideal seal for alumina applications, specifically designed to operate in this challenging environment, the Robco DRYTEK seal will provide maintenance-free operation at least five to twenty times longer than your average alumina screw conveyor seal.

Better abrasion resistance  Dry-seal, no lubricant required  Sealing components rotate with the shaft, maintaining an airtight seal  Adapts to axial and radial movements of the shaft  Available in C.E.M.A. and METRIC standard shaft sizes.

  Enviro I 
enviro I
A factory-assembled, balanced, single cartridge seal for pumps, agitators and mixers



Fit all AVS/ANSI pumps

Non-clog design

No shaft or sleeve wear

No measuring is required to install

Simply slide seal over shaft

Requires no stuffing box

In-field repair kit available

Pressure tested



  Enviro II
enviro II
A factory-assembled, balanced, single cartridge seal for products which set up, harden or crystallize.
  Enviro III
enviro III
Double balanced cartridge seal for pumps, agitators and mixers that prevents the leakage of toxic, hazardous, corrosive and costly fluids to the atmosphere.
  Enviro V, VI & VII
enviro V
Unique heavy-duty Isolated single spring design resists clogging.
  Enviro XVII
enviro XVII
Hydraulically balanced cartridge seal. Stationary seal design eliminates most vibration problems.
  Enviro M
enviro M

Rubber Shrouded Single Spring Seal used exclusively on Hidrostal™ Pumps

  Enviro SS
enviro SS
A factory-assembled, unbalanced, single cartridge seal for pumps, agitators and mixers
An “off-the-shelf” balanced external seal for corrosive applications.
An “off-the-shelf” balanced internal seal for fuels, oils, chemicals, water and slurries.
An inexpensive replacement for compression packings in pumps that can convert to mechanical seals.
A general purpose seal, made of stainless steel. It provides an exceptional service range.
  Ultra Seal 150
Metal bellows seal
  Ultra Seal 151
Metal bellows cartridge seal
  Ultra Seal 780
High temperature metal bellows seal
  Ultra Seal 2000
Environmentally safe double/ Tandem metal bellows cartridge seal, designed and built to exceed EPA regulations and eliminate fugitive emissions.
   1200 Split Seal
1200 seal

Installs without dismantling equipment, Reduced maintenance cost, Won’t wear or score sleeve

reverse sequence gland follower

Reduces torque required on Gland follower

Self adjusting - No product dilution - No cooling - No contamination Fast and easy ring replacement -  Minimal friction - High tolerance to movement

 Robco is a proud distributor of AES Seal
Bearing Protectors

A true non-contacting labyrinth design with a shut-off design that really works.

LabTecta® (Full Phosphor Bronze Construction) - LabTecta-SS™  (Full Stainless Steel Construction) - LabTecta-TE™

• Verification Tested contacting & non-contacting bearing seal designs

• Proven to increase equipment reliability in pumps, electric motors, fans, pillow blocks, steam turbines and gearboxes

• IP66 certified designs that conform to IEEE Std. 841-2001

• No shaft wear. Retrofittable on shafts previously worn by lip seals

• Easily rebuildable with no special tools, chemicals or equipment

• Installed in tens of thousands of applications worldwide

• Dual-face magnetically attracted bearing seals

• Magnets out of the lubrication media and atmosphere

• Fits where a lip seal or labyrinth seal fits







Contacting Face Seals


Magnetically energized bearing protectors.

MagTecta™ MagTecta-OM™LabTecta-AX™ LabTecta-AXX™ MagTecta-AX™


Radially Divided Seals

LabTecta RDS
The only radially divided bearing protector available with rotor / stator static sealing technology standard

LabTecta-RDS™ LabTecta-RDS™ Flange Mounted


Air Purge Designs

LabTecta Air Purge

By changing the seal environment, even the most challenging applications can be reliably sealed.

LabTecta-OAP™ (Outboard Air Purge) LabTecta-IAP™ (Inboard Air Purge)


Flooded Applications


Three decades of mechanical seal experience applied to seal flooded bearing applications correctly.

LabTecta-FS™ High performance PTFE lipseal & IP66 rated LabTecta® all in one  MagTecta-FS™ Mechanical seal face technology (spring energized)

  Steam Turbine designs

Process steam turbines present a unique challenge for bearing protection.

LabTecta-ST™ LabTecta-STAX™



seal repair

The value of repairing instead of replacing whenever possible has always been a source of savings and a way to lower the Total Cost of Ownership of your equipment. At Robco, we believe in supplying you with quick, expert service to make your operations as efficient as possible. 

Trust & Expertise
Robco uses specialized equipment to ensure that rebuilt seals operate equal to brand new, with mechanical seal manufacturing and rebuilding experience dating back to 1978, servicing petrochemical, pulp & paper, steel, mining, waste water, utilities, boilers and more...


Cost-savings on your operations
We rebuild all major brands at competitive prices with premium quality parts that meet all OEM specifications. We offer a free estimate and failure analysis. Rebuild outlay normally varies from a third to half the cost of a new seal, so lower your inventory value and reduce your overall operations cost. 

We make it simple
By centralizing your repairs: Robco rebuilds all major brands in one location, simply complete our Seal Repair Form to be enclosed along with your seal shipment and we’ll take care of the rest, returning your seal looking and working like new. Robco tags all rebuilt seals for future rebuild identification, tracking seal life and failure patterns.

 seal repair
The makeover process in six steps:  

seal repair

seal repair

seal repair

mechanical seal

like new 

You send your failed seal to Robco
• Complete our Seal Repair Form pdf
• We cover the shipping cost to Robco

We inspect and troubleshoot seal components
• Disassemble seal
• Perform failure analysis (if required)
• Ensure components meet specifications

We quote rebuild cost and a new replacement seal
(only if required)

You confirm with a purchase order

We begin the seal makeover
• Clean parts to be reused
• Manufacture replacement parts
• Confirm OEM tolerances
• Reassemble seal components
• Test seal to OEM specifications
(including monochromatic light, pressure and vacuum tests)

Makeover complete
• We expedite the rebuilt seal(s) to you for immediate use or to be inventoried until your next refurbishment