removable seusable insulation covers 

Robco distributes fabricated insulating products from PRODIMAX Inc. for Heat Retention, Heat and Fire Protection or Acoustical Insulation.

PRODIMAX Removable and Reusable Insulation Covers are custom fabricated for your application: Valves - Pumps - Engine Insulation - Heat Exchangers - Boilers - Generators - Turbines - Silencers - SCRs - Piping - Elbows - Flanges - Exhaust - Manifolds - Automotive - Wye Connector - Rotating Dryers - Nuclear Reactors and more...

In addition to custom-made Removable Insulation Covers, Prodimax will custom make: Flange Covers, Belows, Manhole Covers, Kneeling Pads, Curtain Walls, Fireguard etc. Just ask!

A Removable Insulation Cover typically consists of a heat resistant outer layer, an insulation material in the middle and an inner layer to contain and protect the insulation, but layers of mesh can be added to the design for more demanding or special applications, from -40ºF to 2800ºF.

Materials are also selected for optimal results at the best cost to the customer.

Grey or Navy Red Fiberglass Cloth - Impregnated with Teflon®  - Impregnated with Silicone - Heat Treated - Fiberglass Insulation - Light Fiberglass Insulation - Bio-Safe Insulation - Aluminized Fiberglass - Metallic Mesh - Lacing Wire/Grommets - Straps - Snaps - Velcro

Removable Insulation Pad

Big job insulation cover

Custom manufactured insulation and removable covers

• Uses: Valves, pumps, piping, flanges, safety valves, exhaust pipes, screens, controllers, heat exchangers, extruders, moulders, threaders, instrumentation, nuclear reactors, turbines, fans, parking gates

• Advantages: High quality hand-made manufacturing according to your measurements, removable and reusable, flexible, waterproof, safe for the environment offer: access for quick maintenance and tool-free installation, condensation control, corrosion prevention, noise reduction, radiant heat control or reduction, personnel protection, reduced maintenance and energy costs

• Resistance: Thermal -40ºF to 2000ºF and chemical 0pH to 14pH

protective curtain

Custom-made protective cloths, protective curtains, welding curtains

• Fiberglass

• Silicone coated fibeglass

• Silica canvas


Accoustic cover 

Custom acoustic covers

• Indoor or outdoor

• Shaped walls or barriers; partial or complete

• High and low frequency

expansion joint

Custom expansion joints for high temperature

• Manufacturing, repairs and maintenance

• Adapts to operating conditions such as vibration absorption, shock and minor duct misalignment



 The following savings chart shows examples of BTU loss vs Energy cost for a month, depending on valve size and temperature.



The chart below demonstrates the payback of installing Prodimax covers on your valves, and the estimated timeline to achieve this cost saving.