Covid-19 - Robco Still Operational

We wish to inform our customers that Robco meets the criteria in the definition of essential products and services. We are open for business.

A large portion of the products we manufacture are used to keep critical infrastructure and organizations operational, including Power Generation facilities (Nuclear, Hydroelectric, Thermal), Petro-Chemical processing, Transportation (rail car bulk transport, container ships), Food & Beverage manufacturing, Pharmaceutical plants, Water Treatment, Tissue mills, as well as our Armed Forces. More than half of our orders are shipped out within 48 hours. Organizations in these segments rely on our fast turnaround time and emergency service capability.

Wherever possible, all of our office employees are working from home. Several measures are in place to keep a safe working environment in our production departments. We remain fully committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees, customers, and supply chain partners.

Thank you for your continued support during these exceptional times. 

Note to our Suppliers:

While we are open, we do  need to schedule the shipments we are receiving on a daily basis.  At this time, we are asking all suppliers to validate with us before shipping.  Please call or e-mail the buyer indicated on the purchase order before shipping to us. We need to ensure we are ready to receive your order.

Once you have received confirmation from us, you may proceed to ship.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation


Sealing solutions, packing, gaskets, seals,

Robco offers sealing solutions for all your applications from pipes, valves, pumps, pipelines, boilers, tanks, compressors, to specific parts requiring custom-made seals.



Insulation, protection, extreme temperature resistant products

We have extreme-condition materials for all applications : heat insulation, heat retention, heat or fire protection, welding protection, freezing and Cryogenic protection etc.



Engineering solutions, plastic parts, rubber parts, metal parts,

Our engineering team will find the most cost-effective way to engineer and manufacture the plastic or rubber part you need, working hand-in-hand with you to ensure your satisfaction.

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lubrication and grease for extreme conditions and applications

Robco manufactures and distributes lubricating products for normal use and extreme conditions or specialized applications. We are the grease experts others emulate.

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Crucible lid sealRobco's crucible lid seal is your best solution!


This rope is used to seal the top lid found on tapping crucible in the aluminium industry. It is braided to a specific density to ensure a tight seal, without being too dense to prevent positive closing of the crucible cover. A high temperature resistant coating is applied on the surface to act as heat shield and facilitate rope removal, without any sticking or cleaning required


Our main manufacturing facility is located in the province of Québec where the largest concentration of primary aluminum smelters in the world is located. Our 98 years of service to this industry has enabled us to engineer specific solutions for you.


Read the White Paper on Crucible Lid Seal  Here Cone Crushers white paper

Why we manufacture the best crucible lid seal...

♦ Inconel wire reinforcement available to provide tear and abrasion resistance.  
♦ Coating improves sealability and prevents sticking.
♦ Unaffected by molten aluminum.
♦ Chemically treated glass has improved thermal &
shrinkage resistance over regular glass fiber.
♦ Available high temperature polymer core provides
resilience to the assembly.



• Thermal Resistance to 1100°C (2000°F) • Aluminium does not adhere to seal • Good Sealability • No Shrinkage • Unaffected by molten metal • Resilient • Excellent Abrasion Resistance • Contains no asbestos  TO SEE OUR OTHER BRAIDED SEALING / COMPRESSION PACKING PRODUCTS.

Customer Feedback

You have gone over and above for us!

"You're the BEST – thanks again for your attention to our emergency needs Maurice, you have gone over and above for us – Very much appreciated !"

Chemical Plant

Thank you very much!

" I can't thank Robco enough and especially the gentlemen who came in to work on our order last night. It arrived at the mill at 1:00AM and immediately was installed. This allowed us to be up and running much faster! Again, thank you very much!

Paper Mill