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Discover all that Robco has to offer. Our extensive product basket aims at consolidating your supply base, while lowering your Total Cost of Ownership.



Browse and download our technical and safety related literature, manuals and other online tools and references Robco has developed for your convenience.



Sealing solutions, packing, gaskets, seals,

Robco offers sealing solutions for all your applications from pipes, valves, pumps, pipelines, boilers, tanks, compressors, to specific parts requiring custom-made seals.



Insulation, protection, extreme temperature resistant products

We have extreme-condition materials for all applications : heat insulation, heat retention, heat or fire protection, welding protection, freezing and Cryogenic protection etc.



Engineering solutions, plastic parts, rubber parts, metal parts,

Our engineering team will find the most cost-effective way to engineer and manufacture the plastic or rubber part you need, working hand-in-hand with you to ensure your satisfaction.

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lubrication and grease for extreme conditions and applications

Robco manufactures and distributes lubricating products for normal use and extreme conditions or specialized applications. We are the grease experts others emulate.

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royal purple grease Robco is a preferred Canadian Distributor of Royal Purple Industrial lubricants and greases.


Royal Purple’s line of high performance lubricants, oils and greases is specifically engineered to handle the world’s toughest industrial applications. Royal Purple's industry experts have strengthened premium base oils with proprietary additive


technologies to create a range of very specific high performance industrial lubrication products, even for extreme environments.


Synerlec, Royal Purple’s proprietary, additive lubricant technology, is the cornerstone of RP’s entire product line. It creates an ionic bond that adheres to metal parts to provide continuous protection even at start-up and strengthens the oil to provide unparalleled performance and protection.

Royal Purple industrial lubricants consistently deliver a higher level of performance across a wider range of equipment. No other line of synthetic lubricants offers the same kind of energy savings, maintenance savings and improved productivity as Royal Purple.

Our Robco Customer Service agents and lubricant and grease specialist know Royal Purple products and will anwser your questions and assist you in the purchase of the right product for your application.

Royal Purple can lower your total cost of ownership. See PDF brochure on Lowering your TCO with Royal Purple.



• Higher Film Strength • High Temperature Stability • Low Friction Coefficient • Superior Water Separation • Environment Friendly • Protects Against Corrosion/Rust • Reduces Vibrations • Longer Flushing Intervals • Energetic Efficiency • Low Temperature Fluidity • Solubility - Cleaner Equipment • Greatly Reduces Wear  TO SEE OUR LUBRICANTS AND GREASE PRODUCT PAGE AND THE ROYAL PURPLE INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS.


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" I can't thank Robco enough and especially the gentlemen who came in to work on our order last night. It arrived at the mill at 1:00AM and immediately was installed. This allowed us to be up and running much faster! Again, thank you very much!

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