High volume - small runs - prototyping - we're ready! 

You need flat, simple or complex pieces to be cut ? You do not have high-volume to justify buying custom-made tools or dies ? Robco has the best CNC equipment suited for your parts and a complete series of traditional cutting equipment, where needed. We have the right tools to make any order whether it's for large quantities, small runs, batches of multiple shapes and even prototyping.


Cost reduction of routine operations helps you concentrate on the value-added activities that make your company special. Robco can support your cutting requirements. and allow a significant increase in your production flexibility.


We cut a wide variety of materials

with precision and speed


Compression fibers & composites

Foam & sponge


Nylon & plastic

Industrial fabrics & textiles

Leather & upholstery

Cloth & fabric

Insulation boards & wool

Laminated & adhesive-backed stock

Flat & corrugated paper

And more...







Robco’s CNC flash cutter uses the features of a computer controlled knife to offer:  

  • Accuracy for intricate and/or small parts
  • Small production runs that aren't cost prohibitive
  • No tooling charge - no die - only a digital drawing is required
  • Computer-generated image ensures accurate nesting even for irregular surface materials such as leather
  • Reduced material waste








Depending on your needs and location, Robco has a vast array of computerized and traditional industrial cutting equipment at our Montreal, Toronto and Edmonton facilities.

CNC flash cutters - CNC water jet cutter - CNC 3.1 axis router - Travelling head cutter and shear - Various presses and die cutters




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